Best Places to Buy Drums Online

Best Places to Buy Drums Online: The Best Online Drum Stores

These days finding the perfect drums for you can be a challenge. There are so many drums and drum accessories available now that no single store can stock everything that may be on your wish list. However, buying drums online makes purchasing your dream kit a reality. So, where are the best places and stores to buy drums online?

The best place to buy drums online is from the online store provided by your local music stores as this offers the best deals. Buying directly from your preferred drum company via the online store is another good option, as are Amazon, eBay, and other second-hand online stores. 

Buying drums online can feel risky, as buying good-quality drums can be expensive, but there are several online stores that are trustworthy and have a wide selection of drums and accessories available. Let’s explore the world of online drum stores to find out what the best options are. 

The Best Places To Buy Drums Online

Every drummer needs a good set of drums and hardware to reach their full potential. However, the sheer number of drums available now at various price points make it very difficult for one single physical retailer to stock every variety and piece of equipment. 

Walking into a local music store to buy a new piece of gear and walking out empty-handed because they do not have stock of what you are after is one of the most disappointing feelings any drummer can experience. 

Fortunately, this problem can be conveniently avoided by buying drums and gear online. Online stores hold much more stock and much more variety of equipment because the gear is not stored at one single location. This means that you can buy any piece of gear that you can dream of online. 

However, the world wide web is massive and dangerous, which makes knowing where to go to buy drums online somewhat challenging. 

We have searched through all of the time-wasting sites and dead ends to find out where the best places online for buying drums are to save you the hassle and make you feel more secure when making expensive online purchases. 

Let’s explore the best places to buy drums online that are secure, well-stocked, easily accessible, trustworthy, and convenient no matter where in the world you live. 

Your Local Music Store Online

If you are looking to buy a new drum and entirely new drum set, some accessories, or if you are seeking to upgrade your current set up, then buying from the online store provided by your local music store is the best option. 

Regardless of what you are looking for or whether you are a beginner or a professional drummer, the online store from your local music store is the best place to buy drums online because they are likely to have the best deals available in your area. 

The trouble with buying musical equipment and instruments is that the price of the gear differs widely in different stores and different regions. This is simply because shipping equipment to certain areas is more challenging and is heavily affected by the proximity of the manufacturer of the equipment and where you are in the world. 

This problem is true regardless of how you buy the instruments, whether it be online or in person, but the advantage of buying gear from a local music store is that these stores make deals with manufacturers and distributors to get the best deals on gear and equipment possible. 

This means that buying from a local store online is likely to provide you with the best deal on your desired drum gear and is likely to be better than other online stores depending on what deals the store has been able to secure. 

These stores are also very trustworthy, and if an issue arises, you can directly call the store to find out what went wrong and how to rectify it. This makes buying from a local store online one of the most secure ways to make purchases online. 

If you are looking for a piece of particular gear, try checking the online store for various local music stores in your area and you are sure to dine a good deal on what you are looking for, and you can probably go and pick up the gear yourself rather than waiting for shipping and paying extra fees. 

Direct From The Company

The next best option for buying drums online is to buy what you need directly from the drum company that you prefer. This is especially easy for those who live in the United States, but it is possible for drummers all over the world, provided the company has a distributor in your country. 

Buying directly from a drum company has advantages such as assurance of quality, online security, guarantees, warranties, shipping insurance, and the surety that you are buying the exact items that you are searching for. 

If you know exactly what gear you want to buy, for example, if you are looking for a particular snare drum made by a particular company, buying that snare drum directly from the company is one of the best options. 

Buying a drum this way ensures that you get the exact item that you want to buy without a lack of stock from the supplier or the risk of receiving an inferior-quality product.

These large companies also ensure their shipping processes which take the risk out of shipping damages and liability, and everything that you purchase from these companies will come with built-in warranties and guarantees that make buying from them safe. 

These stores are the best way to buy a specific piece of gear that you want to add to your set up, and buying directly from the company cuts out any fees added by middle-men along the way, which makes buying gear slightly more affordable as well.   


Another great online purchasing option is Amazon. Amazon host a staggeringly wide selection of drum equipment and gear, and there are plenty of ways to get discounts and price reductions when using this store. 

Every type of drum-related gear is available from Amazon, and the prices here are often better than anywhere else, and we all know that Amazon is a reputable online store that is relatively safe to use. 

However, there are some issues with using Amazon for buying drum gear. Not everything on Amazon is a premium or high-quality product. 

For this reason, you should only buy drum gear from Amazing from brands, labels, and companies that you are familiar with. If you are thinking of buying a cymbal from a company that you have never heard of just because the price on Amazon is very affordable, think again, as you may end up with a terrible-sounding cymbal. 

Spending the money that is required to buy good-quality drum gear is always necessary and an unfortunate reality of playing any instrument. Regardless of where you buy your gear from, spending a little more on a well-known brand is always better than saving a small amount of money and taking a risk on something that may very well disappoint you. 

Amazon is among the best options for buying drum gear because whatever you are looking for is sure to be there in some form. The range of products and stock availability on Amazon is unparalleled, and if you cannot find what you are looking for here, it will be difficult to find it anywhere. 

Making purchases with Amazon can be risky, but this company is generally quite safe to use and does provide a range of guarantees and shipping insurances that protect your purchases and make buying gear through Amazon less frightening. 

eBay And The Second-Hand Market

The last online store option on this list of the best places to buy drum gear online is eBay and the second-hand market. 

There are other online store options such as very large, multi-national corporations such as Sweetwater, Guitar Center, Reverb, or Musician’s Friend, but these online stores are only a good option if you live within the continental United States or if you are willing to pay massive shipping fees and risk not getting the product that you pay for. 

However, buying online on eBay and other second-hand online stores such as Facebook Market Place is an excellent way to find drum gear selling for excellent prices. 

The trouble with buying second-hand gear is that it is always a risk, and you never really know what you will receive until it arrives at your house, but there is often no cheaper way to your hands on some premium gear than buying second-hand. 

Second-hand gear is always significantly less expensive than new gear, especially regarding drums and drum hardware. This means that you are likely to find incredible gear for very low prices on these online stores, even if the items do come with the risks of second-hand purchases. 

These stores do not offer any type of insurance for shipping, and there are no warranties or any other assurances for the gear, but if you are willing to take the risk, the rewards may be astonishing. 

Is Buying Drums Online Safe?

Buying drums and drum gear from a physical store always feels safer and more secure than buying online because you get to walk in with money in your hand and walk with the guy that you buy immediately. 

Buying online means making a purchase through a computer with a bank card, sending your money away into the ether, and waiting patiently until your package arrives, hoping that nothing goes wrong along the way and that your gear actually arrives at all. 

However, online stores in the modern world have become very secure and are usually a trustworthy way to buy drums and drum gear. Be sure that you only ever buy gear from reputable online stores and never give your money to anything that seems risky or treacherous. 

The truth is that so long as you only buy from online stores with a good reputation and that are trustworthy, buying drums online is very safe and incredibly convenient. 

Is Buying Drums Online Worthwhile?

If you are surrounded by local music stores and have never considered buying drums or gear online before, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to buy online?

Buying drums online is worthwhile simply due to the wide range of options and the availability of stock. Buying drums and gear from a physical store means that you are limited to the stock items that the store has to offer.

However, buying drums and gear online offers an almost unlimited range of items to choose from, are you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for at the price you can afford to pay without having to compromise and settle for something that is only similar to what you originally set out to buy. 

Buying online is very convenient, and the sheer range of products alone makes buying gear this way very worthwhile. Try it for yourself, and you may be surprised by how simple and effective this process is. 

Why Not Buy Drums From A Store?

Some drummers prefer to buy their gear in person from a physical store, but in the times that we live in now, it is not always possible. What makes buying online better than visiting a physical store to buy drum gear?

As we have already learned, the range of products online is vastly larger than any one physical store could ever have in its inventory. This alone should be enough to draw you into online drum shopping rather than visiting a store nearby. 

The experience of buying drums online means that you are able to buy drums from anywhere in the world from any manufacturer or company that you desire. This means that you will never have to settle for gear that is not on your dream Wishlist again, and buying online is likely to offer better prices than buying from a physical store as well. 


At the end of it, there are several places to buy drums and drum gear online that are trustworthy, safe, reputable, reliable, and convenient. Buying online provides a wider selection of gear and ensures that you will spend your money on what you set out to buy rather than settling for what is in stock at your local music store. 

Take the time to consider what you want to buy and then find the best online store for that item. Find the discount deals that are available online or check out the second-hand market for the best deals. However you go about it, buying drums online is an excellent way to get new gear or upgrade your existing setup. 

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